Dedicate a forget me not

5 June 2020 to 30 September 2020

Remember your loved one by dedicating a forget me not to their memory

This year we have two different ways you can dedicate a forget me not to a loved one. You can buy one of our beautiful, handcrafted commemorative forget me not flowers or make a virtual dedication in our online forget me not meadow.

All of the dedications we receive will be displayed during a celebration concert being streamed on our facebook page on Saturday 25th July at 7pm. We'll also display all of the dedications on this website page.

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Buy a forget me not flower

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By making a donation you will also be helping us to care for patients now and in the future.

A donation of £15 could cover one hour of vital nursing in our inpatient unit

A donation of £36 could pay for an occupational therapy session for a patient

A donation of £47 could pay for a home visit from a hospice at home nurse

Dedicate a forget me not in our virtual meadow

Click the picture, then simply hover over the screen to be offered a flower. Once you've selected the forget me not you want, complete your dedication, make a donation and watch it transform from white to blue.

Add the name or names of those you would like to dedicate the forget me not too and you can also add their photo.