Trip to Tokyo 2020 - Virtual Challenge

20 March 2020 to 24 July 2020

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Trip to Tokyo invites you to get involved in an activity challenge and improve your health and wellbeing while helping the hospice.

Though the Olympics are postponed until next year this doesn't stop our Trip to Tokyo! Individuals, schoolmates and teams can compete in a 13-stage journey that includes stops at previous Olympic cities and sites of Olympic interest. 

For all challenges there is a gold, silver and bronze level, completing the whole journey to Tokyo or forming part of the whole group challenge and completing an individual stage - so why not test yourself and go for gold in 2020!

Registration is open now! Simply click the "Start your Trip to Tokyo" button

Entry costs are listed below and include a medal.

Registration fee table4

To help the hospice we invite you all to ask your friends and family to sponsor you and raise £45 which could fund a visit by a Hospice@Home nurse to a patient and their family.

Collecting your sponsorship couldn't be easier as our Trip to Tokyo challenge platform (GivePenny) allows you to share your challenge and invite your friends and family to make a pledge.

Individuals can sign up for the Running, Cycling, Swimming, Walking, Junior Sport or Ultimate Sports Challenges to take part in a virtual journey to Tokyo.

Teams can sign up for the Trip to Tokyo challenge to complete the actual distance between Cynthia Spencer Hospice and Tokyo by running, swimming, cycling or walking as a combined entity.

Once you have entered, you can log your activity online and keep a record of your individual and team achievements.

The challenges and distances are:

Challenge table3

Challenge Map

The 13 stages of the Trip to Tokyo starts at Cynthia Spencer Hospice and stops at a numbers of previous Olympic host cities including London, Berlin and Beijing and finishes at the 2020 host city of Tokyo.

A detailed guide of the stages, including interesting facts, can be found in the document section of this webpage.


Why should I take part in Trip to Tokyo?

This challenge is aimed at improving health and wellbeing, while helping the hospice. Our Wellbeing Centre aims to help people with a life limiting illness live their life as fully as possible by maintaining their physical function and independence for as long as possible. The benefits of attending our Wellbeing Centre mirror the benefits which we believe will be achieved by taking part in Trip to Tokyo:-

  • Increased confidence
  • Increased activity
  • Improved mood and wellbeing
  • Social interaction
  • Group support

By taking part in this challenge you will make a real difference to your health and wellbeing and the health and wellbeing of our patients and their families ... now and in the future.

Tier 1 Training and Rehabilitation Systems

Tier 1 Training and Rehabilitation Systems are kindly supporting Trip to Tokyo by creating weekly videos to encourage participants with advice on training and preparation for the challenge. They will be posting these videos into our facebook event  so why not 'like' our event page and you'll see regular videos from the guys in your newsfeed.




Are you ready to go for Gold? Simply click the "Start your Trip to Tokyo" button and away you go.

Guidance on how to enter and manage a team on Give Penny can be found in the documents section.


Tutorial video on how to register as a team 



Tutorial video on how to register as an individual


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