Schools, Colleges and Universities

Young people have an important part to play in supporting Cynthia Spencer Hospice and we really value our relationships with schools, colleges and universities within our community.

Fundraising for the hospice is a brilliant way to bring your organisation together and also teaches students about the importance of helping others.

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Although hospice care may not seem like a subject suitable for students, our range of materials, resources and activities are designed to help start conversations with students from all age groups.

There are many ways in which you can support us, including making us your Charity of the Year or our fundraising team coming into your organisation to give you an insight into the work we do at the hospice, whether this be a small class, whole school assembly or a lecture.

Here are the ways your organisation can get involved!

Student Enterprise Challenge

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What could your school turn £10 in to?

We are launching our Student Enterprise Challenge, sponsored by Starting Off and Franklins Solicitors LLP. Quite simply, we will provide groups in schools, colleges or universities with £10 and students can decide how they will use that £10 to raise more money for the hospice.

The challenge is completely flexible – pitch it at any level you wish and have as many teams or year groups competing as you like. Your whole school, college or university can take part or you can pitch year groups, classes or houses against each other. You can also choose when your school takes part e.g. over a half term or full term.

Hear one of our sponsors, Starting Off, talking about why they're supporting the challenge and how it will help up-skill young people for the job market.

All we ask is that we get at least our original £10s back at the end – and that you all have fun taking part in the Student Enterprise Challenge!

Your students will develop budgeting, procurement and sales skills whilst building confidence and understanding of money and mathematical skills. Encourage creativity, inspire team work and develop citizenship skills.

For more information please contact our Community Fundraising team by emailing or by calling 01604 973341.

Trip to Tokyo

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Your school, college or University is invited to join the Trip to Tokyo Virtual challenge which runs for 12 weeks from 1 May 2020 to 24 July 2020 and will take your staff and students on a virtual journey around the world stopping in previous Olympic host cities on their way to 2020 Olympic and Paralympics in Tokyo. 

Your organisation can complete in a 13-stage journey that includes stops at previous Olympic host cities and sites of Olympic interest.

The Schools, Colleges and Universities Trip to Tokyo challenge is centred around ‘a mile a day’, with the aim of increasing physical activity and extending into your geography curriculum.

Challenge Map

The 13 stages of the Trip to Tokyo start at Cynthia Spencer Hospice and stop at a numbers of previous Olympic host cities including London, Berlin and Beijing and finishes at the 2020 host city of Tokyo.


What we provide

Cynthia Spencer Hospice will provide you with a login to our virtual platform. This platform will allow you to enter the miles completed and track your school's progress towards Tokyo. We will provide a guide to the stages which includes information on the Olympic City/ iconic site reached. We will also provide all students (and staff) taking part with a medal.

What we ask of your organisation

Our fundraising team would like to attend an assembly/lecture to help launch the challenge. At the assembly/lecture our team will explain the challenge and also provide information on our charity … with the aid of Spencer our charity mascot. We will also provide sponsorship forms to each student – with the aim of raising £30 per student which would pay for a memory box for a child at the hospice. You can also use the Trip to Tokyo Give Penny platform to raise funds.

Please note sponsorship is optional and there are no other entry costs or schools, colleges and universities.

Organisations who have undertaken a similar challenge have:-

  • Held assemblies allowing the pupils to guess where in the world they have reached and talk about the country.
  • Held a sports week where pupils were able to take part in various sporting activities and record their miles.
  • Encouraged the pupils and staff to walk/run a mile around the school grounds each day.

How do you sign up?

If your organisation is interested in the Trip to Tokyo challenge please contact John Helm on or 01604 973342 for more information.