Support Groups

“From little acorns mighty oaks do grow”

Help us grow our network by establishing a Cynthia Spencer support group in your area. Support groups help us break the myths of hospice care, raise vital funds to continue to provide care, support and work towards providing choice for everyone with a life limiting condition and provide you with a social group to help us keep our fundraising costs to a minimum. 


A Support Group can meet as little or as often as you like and meetings can be a face to face or even online. It can be an existing group of friends and family, a new Facebook group, a cycling group looking for a new challenge, a business networking group looking to add some Corporate Social Responsibility or a school, the sky's the limit!

Every bit of volunteered time helps us raise vital funds and keep our costs down so we can continue to support the care provided at the Hospice.

So do you think you think you can help set up a Support Group?

If so please contact Tommy Gardner, Community Fundraiser on 01604 973341 or email and become part of the Cynthia Spencer family.


There are a range of activities each group can carry out which are vital to the continued funding of the Hospice. Pick the bits you like and you think you'll be able to achieve:

  • Manage the collection boxes in your area, swapping existing ones and finding homes for new ones.
  • Arrange local events to raise funds for the hospice, coffee mornings etc.
  • Attend local events to collect cheques on behalf of the hospice
  • Attend networking events to talk about the hospice
  • Collect donated items for our shops
  • Work with local businesses to form partnerships with the hospice
  • Anything else you can come up with

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