Day Hospice

The care I receive from Cynthia Spencer Day Hospice is excellent. Ever since I started in their care my health has improved. Thanks to the staff and volunteers’ devotion, love and care

Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity aims to fund the expansion of the Day Hospice service from the current three days per week to five days per week. This will include funding for a team consisting of a Physiotherapist, an Occupational Therapist, as well as Nursing and Care Staff. 

The Day Hospice will become a specialist countywide centre offering Rehabilitative Specialist Care, a new model of care that is advocated by Hospice UK. The aim of this approach is to maintain normality of life function and independence, within the constraints of the patient’s condition and wishes. 

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Coming to the Day Hospice makes me feel better and raises my spirits plus it gives my wife a break from looking after me.  If I lived further away I wouldn’t be able to come so I’m grateful that I get collected from home by a volunteer and taken home again.  I can’t speak highly enough about all the volunteers, I give them 10 out of 10!

This approach will deliver programmes of care on an individual or group basis over a period of 6 to 12 weeks. The programmes to be offered will help patients in the management of breathlessness, fatigue, pain, exercise and promotion of independence using aids and adaptations. 

The service will continue to provide information and practical advice about end of life care as well as a comprehensive recreational programme. 

The benefits of this new service are:

  • It maximises quality of life for patients through increased independence and awareness
  • Programmes of care are designed to focus on patients to achieving their own goals and what is important to them
  • Sessions provide alternatives to medical care where patients are experiencing increased frailty because of progressive disease
  • The focus is on need not diagnosis and the programme offers support for cancer and non-cancer patients with progressive disease
  • The advantage that the Day Hospice offers over other care settings is the opportunity for group work and for patients to benefit from being with others. The Day Hospice also offers patients and carers respite and a break from their routines

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I really enjoy coming to the Day Hospice, it gets me out of the house and I am with other people who also have problems but you can forget the problem and enjoy the company. The staff and volunteers and staff are always on hand to help and are brilliant. Thank you very much

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