Patient and family information

This page provides you and your family with information to address any immediate questions you may have about being admitted to Cynthia Spencer Hospice.

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Cynthia Spencer Hospice Covid-19 Visitor information March 2022

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Caring for you during your stay at Cynthia Spencer Hospice

Upon arrival you will be greeted by one of our nursing team and shown to your bed. The medical and nursing staff will introduce themselves to you and you will be able to discuss your care in a private, safe and comfortable setting. 

You will be cared for by our expert team of doctors, nurses and therapists. Should you or your family wish to speak to any of the doctors or consultants, an appointment can be arranged for you by speaking with one of the nursing staff.


At Cynthia Spencer Hospice we offer a mixture of single rooms or shared bedroom areas of up to three beds per area. All of the accommodation areas are comfortable, safe and well maintained. Each bed has a nurse call facility which will be explained to you. The accommodation is allocated on clinical need and is always offered on a same sex basis. 

All the beds at Cynthia Spencer Hospice are profiling beds which allow you to adjust the position of the bed to suit your own comfort needs.

There is a comfortable lounge for you and your family to spend time together and a garden situated at the rear of the Hospice which provides a calm and peaceful for patients and families to sit.


You will be provided with your own television and radio. We also provide headphones enabling you to enjoy your favourite programmes whilst keeping the environment peaceful for other patients.

Wi-fi is provided free of charge for patients.

Incoming telephone calls for patients can be made on (01604) 499516. One of the nursing team will bring a portable phone to you so that you can receive your call.

Patients may use their own mobile phones but we would ask you to be mindful of others and keep them on silent.

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I was scared to come into the hospice, once here, all staff made me feel comfortable and at ease. All staff are willing to help with any situation. 

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Your stay and discharge

Your length of stay in the Hospice will depend on your reason for admission and the plan of care you require. Most patients stay less than two weeks before discharge, by which time symptoms are usually under control. If appropriate at this time your preferences for where you would prefer to receive care in the future will be discussed with you. Depending on your treatment plan your future care ends will be addressed. This may include discharge home with appropriate support or to a longer term nursing care home. This will be discussed with you and your family and carers.

Visiting Times

Our QUIET TIME is between 1pm and 2pm when we encourage patients to rest. We only allow visitors in during this time under exceptional circumstances, otherwise we have open visiting. Mornings can be busy and visitors may be asked to wait in communal areas to respect patients’ privacy and dignity.


What to bring with you

Medication. Please bring your current medication. The medical team will review this and if appropriate this will continue to be used for you. If you have a Community Care Folder, it would be helpful to bring this with you.

Toiletries. Please bring whatever toiletries you need and enjoy.

Clothing. We strongly encourage those who are able to have their own day clothes and nightwear.

Mobile devices. You are welcome to bring your own mobile phone, laptop or tablet device.

Valuables. We would strongly discourage you to bring any items of high value or large amounts of money into the hospice.

Please feel free to bring in some of your favourite photographs or small personal items.


I think Jim would be really proud that he’s done something that we can all look back on and that other people will be able to use to share their special memories

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