Wellbeing programme updates - COVID19

Our wellbeing service has been continuing to support patients and carers through telephone support and community visits.

In order to ensure our wellbeing patients continue to receive ongoing support we have made adjustments to our services as follows:

  • Breathlessness Management – We will continue to support patients with breathlessness management with one to one telephone appointments or virtual one to one meetings. Support with access and using technology will be provided and Community visits are also possible where our patient requires this instead of telephone or virtual support.


  • Fatigue Management – We will be offering support on fatigue management through one to one telephone appointments and information packs that can be sent to individual patients. We are planning to create online groups to share hints and tips on fatigue management, similar to the group setting we would normally have in the wellbeing lounge.


  • *NEW* Online seated Tai Chi  –  Our brand new online seated Tai Chi will be made available via Microsoft teams. Participants will have an online individual assessment first to get set up with access to Microsoft Teams and ensure the group is appropriate for them. This is a 6 week programme and patients can use our new seated Tai Chi video in between regular sessions for practice. Support with access and using the technology will be provided.


  •       *NEW* Online Get Active Group – This activity based group will meet via Microsoft teams. Get Active is aimed as a warm up ahead of when we can get back together and start face to face exercise again. The programme will consist of 6 weeks of discussions, advice and goal setting around increasing activity levels appropriately for participants.  We’re starting this group at the beginning of September and feel it will be an ideal group for patients to attend who have found it difficult to do any supported exercise over the last few months. Support with access and using the technology will be provided.


  •       *NEW* Social support – We understand that the social benefit of attending wellbeing sessions is incredibly important. We have put a programme together to ensure our patients have regular social contact over the telephone with either a member of our team or a volunteer. Calls will be made either once or twice a month and where possible it will be the same person who calls you. We will also send out monthly packs including entertainment and activities and regular advice on various aspects of your wellbeing.