Gym Buddies

Studies show that many people with life-limiting illness would like to be more active, but they want the support of knowledgeable healthcare professionals to guide them.

We're pleased to be able to introduce the Gym Buddies programme.

What is Gym Buddies?

A physiotherapist-led group exercise and activity programme. We will shortly be sending out gym packs for patients to use at home and follow an online session conducted by a member of the Wellbeing team.

What are the benefits of Gym Buddies?

Benefits of increased activity include:

-        Improved strength and balance

-        Improved functional ability

-        Improved mental wellbeing

-        Improved energy levels and reduced fatigue

-        Improved quality of life

What does it involve?

To participate you will need to be able to:

-        Safely complete seated and/or standing exercises

-        Move between exercise stations independently or with minimal assistance

If you are interested or would like to discuss the programme, please contact 01604 678144.

Download programme outline