Patient Information Programme

Our aim is to add life to days by helping people live well, enjoy themselves and feel as well as possible at the end of life. We organise a range of activities and educational talks to keep patients informed, entertained and as a form of therapy.

The programme adopts a multi professional approach in providing education and support preparing both patients and carers in end of life issues and the challenges that may arise with changing and deteriorating health.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is for people who have a life limiting disease. 

What does it involve?

We understand that the social benefit of attending wellbeing sessions is incredibly important. We have put a programme together to ensure our patients have regular social contact over the telephone with either a member of our team or a volunteer. Calls will be made either once or twice a month and where possible it will be the same person who calls you. We will also send out monthly packs including entertainment and activities and regular advice on various aspects of your wellbeing.

How can I be referred to this programme?

Please speak to your consultant, nurse, therapist or GP if you want to be referred to this programme.

Download programme outline