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Mistry family's Scafell adventure in honour of 'KamuBaa'

When the Mistry family’s matriarch, Kamlaben Amritbhai Mistry, known as 'KamuBaa' by her grandkids, was cared for at the hospice, it had a big impact on all of them.  

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One of her Grandchildren, Manesh said of why the family and wider friendship group decided to raise money in thanks: “We wanted to give back and help other families have access to the services that Cynthia Spencer provided to us. I think we all believed that it was the least we could do and our Grandmother would’ve agreed that giving back to such a worthwhile cause would help other others and we were inspired by her great example of giving.”

“The respect and kindness given by the hospice meant she was able to live out her the time she had in ease with great support. She had a fantastic life married to my grandfather, Amritlal and the fact they were able to spend time together at the hospice meant everything to us. She had a massive family that supported her as she had supported us her whole life - 4 children, 3 daughters in-laws, 1 son-in-law, 15 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren!"

“The facilities meant we were able to visit my Baa and had privacy and space to care for her in our own ways. Cynthia Spencer also helped us greatly when she was at home with care and giving us information and items that would help make her life easier.”

“The hospice to me meant so much. I live in London so for me personally it meant I knew my Grandmother was being cared for properly and it being close to her home meant my Grandfather was able to be there. It was important for us as a family to give my Grandmother all the memories and keep her positive outlook going and being able to visit freely and spend our time with her was fantastic. The staff were so accommodating. She was the matriarch of our family and the person that we all look towards for guidance and support. Her attitude on life was always positive and caring and it meant so much that when she couldn’t do the daily tasks she use to be able to do the hospice was there to make this easier for us and her. We were all blown away with the staff and and realise the importance of charity run hospice and the help they provide."

Manish Mistry and Family Scarfell Challenge2

“Some of the family had experienced a hospice but for many of us it was the first time especially all the grandchildren and to be honest we were blown away that a service is out there like this that supports families. It made me realise how important hospices are to the country as a whole. We always felt welcome at the hospice. It had a soul to it. One part that was so good was the outdoor space and garden we had been able to take my grandmother outside in her bed and when we needed our space to clear our heads and to get clarity on what was going to happen being able to take a walk in the garden meant we could go back to our grandmother with smiles and strength on our face.” 

So how did they decide on doing the Scafell Pike walk to raise money? Manesh explains: “As a family we try and find a challenge a year to help give us goals to achieve so Scafell Pike was a great one to do. As we got closer to the event we knew there was only one charity that we wanted to support and that was Cynthia Spencer as it was the least we could do after they did everything for our family.”

Another of her grandchildren, Kamlesh said: “Starting as a family, finishing as a family. This walk was a great tribute to our Grandmother! Helping to raise money for Cynthia Spencer to continue the great work that they do! Will remember that moment at the top forever”.

Manish Mistry and Family Scarfell Challenge at the Start2

When asked what he would say to other families considering taking on a challenge to fundraise for the hospice, Manesh said: “I would say DO IT! The rewarding feeling is that you are able to help other families out there. This is also a great way of remembering and creating new memories of people you love very dearly.”

Want to follow in the Mistry family’s footsteps? Why not choose your challenge now, we have many different challenges to choose from including walks, treks, cycles and adrenaline fuelled adventures. Contact our events fundraiser, Sarah on 01604 973346 or to find out more