Patient stories


Simon Schanchief's story

Simon 's story


"The whole team there provide a different level of empathy.”

Richard 's story


‘The end of life care provided to Grandad was very important for myself and the family as we could continue to see Grandad during his care and make so many special memories with him’.

Malcolm 's story


From the minute we got to Cynthia, it's like a light was lit inside him. He actually said to my mum once, every morning I wake up i'm happy here. And that was amazing.

Glen's story


they really do go further than they need to make peoples time there special if they can. Such a special team

Richard's story


Our shoulders were a little lighter during his last 10 days as we knew he was in the best place.

Derek's story

Michelle's Mum

I'm leaving a gift to Cynthia Spencer in my Will – to say ‘thank you’ for looking after mum

Michelle's Mum's story


When I heard about the Memory Tree, I knew it was the best way to honour and celebrate dad

Bill's story


The hospice was truly incredible. In the worst possible moments of our lives, they managed to show love, care and support in a way we could never have imagined for our beautiful Mum

Gill's story


Nicole was grateful to the nurses and doctors at the hospice for giving her time to start her recovery. Since returning home she is feeling much more comfortable and is still getting support from the hospice

Nicole's story


I know how grateful Dad was for the care and kindness and compassion shown to him and I know he would be so incredibly proud of both James and I

Tim's story


Debs said the bears were a hug from her for whenever they were missing her. For her to be able to give these items to my girls was important as she worried about the effect her death would have on them. They treasure them and sleep with the bears and quilts on their beds, helping them with their grief.”

Deb's story


We felt safe for Mum, it was lovely

Brenda's story


I wasn't going in to the hospice to die. I was going in to get the rehabilitation that I needed.
So it's not just about dying. It's about everything.

Debra's story

Jim A

My Dad’s passing was not an easy thing to witness but the support we had from the hospice at home team really helped a lot

Jim A's story


The hospice is a little piece of heaven on earth. You made the hardest time in our lives beautiful. Those are the memories we treasure. You gave Jo a quality of life so we could say goodbye to her.

Jo's story


At the hospice we were held, supported and enabled to carry on loving my mother at the end of her life as much as we had loved her during it

Fae's story


It was a huge relief to have these visits and to know we could completely trust each member of staff with Mum’s care

Nancy's story


Our perception of what a hospice is has definitely changed. The décor at Cynthia Spencer is also lovely, so bright and cheerful. It is not a dark and morbid place at all

Michelle's story


I want to do whatever I can to make sure Roger isn’t forgotten and do all I can to help the hospice

Roger's story


Louise from the hospice was kind and caring and spent the time getting to know them both and offered so much help and advice.

Dave's story


The overwhelming support from Cynthia Spencer nurses took our stresses away

Matthew's story


I genuinely felt the warmth of a firm hand on my back saying ‘You Can Do This’. I knew it was Andrea.

Katy's story


"To make us both feel happier was miraculous. What wonderful care it was!"

Trevor's story


“When something like that happens the world around you seems to stop. It’s like time stands still, the world fades away and you are in a bubble of non-reality functioning on autopilot.”

Atul's story


Each patient and their family is treated with such personal attention. They prepare the patient’s room so beautifully with fresh flowers and it’s so peaceful. You can spend as much time as you want to with your loved one and you’re not rushed at all

Lora's story


Leaving a gift in my will is a way of giving something back, to say thank you for the way the hospice cared for Dad

Pam's story


“Mum was only at the hospice for a week and other than being at home, which wasn’t possible because of her pain, I wouldn’t have wanted her to be anywhere else. Nothing was too much trouble and everything was done with such care and consideration.”

Jeanette's story

Marcus and Dorothy

Marcus and Dorthy's diamond wedding anniversary surprise

Marcus and Dorothy's story

Ian and Susan

Ian and Susan's Parisian wedding anniversary

Ian and Susan's story


My daughter Abbi used to spend a lot of time with Dad out on the steam engines, so it’s also been very hard for her. Claire Mould, the hospice's Family Support Worker gave her a quilt too which is in a vintage style so fits in with what we do and she’s brought it along to the rallies with her and she’s found it a huge help as it’s like having him there with her.

Alan's story


“The Hospice was such a blessing as my Dad didn’t accept Mum’s illness and my younger brothers both lived away in Manchester. The Hospice staff took all my fears and worries off my shoulders which meant I could just be there for her knowing she felt safe and we could enjoy our final weeks together.”

Claire's story


"Seeing some of Mum's ways and approach to enjoying the simple things in life filter down to her grandchildren is a joy"

Steve's story


"My Nan was a very happy person, very cheerful and we always looked forward to spending time with her because we used to laugh with her a lot. Those memories have come back at different points throughout my life and it’s nice that they will last forever.”

Tommy's story


"My favourite memories of my Mum and Dad are from spending time doing the simplest things but doing them together"

James's story


I think Jim would be really proud that he’s done something that we can all look back on and that other people will be able to use to share their special memories

Jim's story


John O'Meara was diagnosed with cancer of the lung and sternum and underwent both chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat his condition

John's story


I have to give thanks to Gretta, all the staff, volunteers and the other patients in the Day Hospice for helping me feel the best I’ve felt for 18 months

Ingrid's story

We couldn't do it without you